Occupancy Status

We inspect the property and submit an occupancy status report to our client within 24 hours of each assignment. If the property is in Redemption/Confirmation status, we wait for an OK from the client to contact the current occupants. If the property is NOT in Redemption/Confirmation status and found to be occupied, we will obtain any information related to the tenancy occupants have. We are sensitive to complying with the PFTA and all other local applicable laws.

During the occupancy period we will perform no less than weekly drive-by inspections and not make any material changes at the property. We will also provide a drive-by BPO within five calendar days of the assignment and include at least one exterior photo of the subject property.

Vacant Property Registration

We complete the vacant property registration. We work closely with our clients as they reach out to their client to confirm the proper registration documents have been filed in accordance with local laws and requirements.